Well-Define Process

What is a well-defined process? Sometimes we get the question: What does working with us look like? That will vary depending on the business, the problem or opportunity they have, and the size of the organization; however one of the very first discussions we have is: What process is at the heart [...]

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What is Quality? What is Value?

What is Quality? What is Value? There are many, many factors any organization needs to work on for their operation to be successful. Culture, leadership and their customer experience are just a few critical topics. Inside customer experience is the concept of “quality”. The word is often used in conversations [...]

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The 5 Why’s aren’t so simple.

The 5-Why's tool is effective WHEN USED CORRECTLY! In ThinkReliability's April 24 newsletter they had an article which looked at the top 5 criticisms of the 5-Why approach. They are: Tendency for investigators to stop at symptoms rather than going onto lower level causes Inability to go beyond the investigator's current knowledge - cannot [...]

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What is Improvement?

What about the world of Improvement? More over, what about continuous improvements? Let's look at the meaning of those two words. Continuous; on-going. Improvement; current status is better than the past. Not very difficult to interpret. Thus, it should not be hard to show continuous improvement.

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