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Culture Of Continual Learning

TCII is not only driven to provide top notch continuous improvement tools to its clients, they truly practice what they preaches. TCII believes a culture of continual learning must be linked with continuous improvement. To this end we are dedicated to attending all kinds of events to broaden our culture. We not only look at topics within our wheel house (Lean, Six Sigma, Data Integrity, to name a few), but also ones outside which have a profound influence on an organizations effectiveness. Topic like leadership, culture, change management, and interpersonal communication are some examples. Here we document a some events to keep sharpening our saw (like Steven Covey would say in his ‘7 habits of highly effective people’).

2019 Year In Review

Sharpening the Saw  Studying Continuous Improvement (CI) in 2019 Ever heard of Steve Covey? He’s the guy who wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – and the seventh point he makes in [...]

Design Of Experiments Workshop

I recently attended a great workshop on Design of Experiments (DOE).  Now DOE has been around for a long time, and my ‘aha’ moment about the value of DOE for process improvement and [...]

ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement 2019

Just returned from a ASQ’s annual World Conference for Quality and Improvement (WCQI) in Fort Worth, Texas.  The 3-day event included interesting keynote speakers and some very helpful breakout sessions.  In one [...]

What is Improvement?

What about the world of Improvement? More over, what about continuous improvements? Let's look at the meaning of those two words. Continuous; on-going. Improvement; current status is better than the past. Not very difficult [...]