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About TCII

TCII is an organization dedicated to enhancing our clients’ continuous improvement (CI) journey, to help them reach their highest potential, to foster a CI culture, and to change the DNA of their organization. TCII’s uniqueness is not only making the operational improvements, but assuring they are sustained and the improvement continues. The key to sustainability and continual improvement is reflected in the following statement:

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it! Author, Peter Drucker

TCII’s uniqueness is assuring the needed measurements at all levels are an integral part of our clients’ business systems. If the needed measurement is not there, TCII will develop a solution to make it a part of the business system.

TCII’s charter is to foster a culture of CI in all types of organizations. All organizations have processes in place to generate results for their customers whether they are in the service sector, health, manufacturing, or government. Understanding the processes and where to collect key information in support of positive outcomes is a key aspect of sustained and continual improvement.

Another unique aspect about TCII’s is to make sure the right question is being asked before running off and developing solutions.

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About SOB

Scott O. Bensen is TCII’s founder and President.

The obvious statement now, is he an SOB? Depends on who you ask. If you ask TCII’s clients, assuredly the answer is ‘No’. But if you ask Scott’s brothers or friends, you might get a spectrum of responses. If you were to say “Hey, SOB!” to his face, he would reach his hand out and say “Hello.” Anyways ….

Some identifying facts about SOB:

  • B.S. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin – River Fall
  • M.S, in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Been in the process improvement arena since 1985
  • ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Recertified August 2016.

Scott formed TCII back in the late 1990’s. Scott has 18 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies in process development and continuous improvement. Scott takes his experiences and shares them with organizations of all types; large, small, service, manufacturing, volunteer, government, just to name a few.

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Case Studies

Lab Process Improvements in Food Service Industry

Manufacturer of Food Service Equipment Improves Laboratory Process. To improve efficiency at a major manufacturer of food service equipment, a SIPOC model was used to define a complex laboratory process. At the [...]


Our Business contracted with Total CI Info to build a database to help us manage our non-conforming materials work flow and records. We found Scott Bensen to be easy to work with. He asked great design questions regarding the database features. He built the database to our timeline requirements, and helped us test it. The database has definitely met our needs. I referred Scott to other managers in our company to help them with database development.

Jody, Director of Operatoins

TCII help our organization implement a clean and simple custom data entry solution for our cashiers at 5 different sights to significantly decrease our monthly receipt process.

Don, Director of CI

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