What is Quality? What is Value?

There are many, many factors any organization needs to work on for their operation to be successful. Culture, leadership and their customer experience are just a few critical topics. Inside customer experience is the concept of “quality”. The word is often used in conversations in all sorts of ways, but do we really know what we are saying? Do we all agree on what we are thinking?

Here is a definition TCII uses:

The goodness of our results as measured and or perceived by the customer.

We need to define two more words in that sentence:

  • Results. A product, service or other intended outcome desired by the customer.

  • Customer. The entity receiving the results of our process.

Quality Steps

This definition clearly directs the focus on the customers interpretation of what they think quality is. To a large degree, your own thoughts about the quality of your results do not matter. What matters is your customers’ thoughts about your results.

What is important to your customers? They are looking for value from the results you provide.

Value is Quality Over Cost

Let us think of value like this; the ratio of quality compared to costs.

So, you can increase the customers value of your product by:

  1. Increase their quality (Think about the definition above)
  2. Decrease their cost
  3. Both 1 & 2 at the same time.

Rather simple when you think about!

Just Kidding!!