No matter what tools your organization uses (or plans to use) to improve you results, TCII can augment those tools. More importantly, TCII will assure those results are sustained and continue to improve. Not just achieved in the short term and then fade away after focused improvement efforts have moved to other areas.

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Continuous Improvement Information System (CIIS)

TCII will develop and implement an information system specifically made to deliver the data required for a sustainable continual improvement culture. The CIIS will provide data to all levels of the organizations relevant in support of the CI journey..

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Engineering Process / Value Stream Mapping with Business System Data Sources

The processes your organization uses to produce positive results for your customers must be will defined. They must be documented, repeatable, and predictable. TCII will provide critical analysis of your processes, their relationship to your business systems, and identify the gaps between them. Then a detailed roadmap will be presented definitively showing the opportunities for improved outcomes for your customers and the needed measures to sustain these improvements.

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Strategic KPI Development

TCII will expose critical Key Process Indicators (KPI) at all levels of your organization to ensure sustainable continuous improvement. The C-level KPI’s need to focus on the whole organization and the floor level KPI’s need to support the day-in, day-out activities in their area.

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