The 5 Why’s aren’t so simple.

The 5-Why's tool is effective WHEN USED CORRECTLY! In ThinkReliability's April 24 newsletter they had an article which looked at the top 5 criticisms of the 5-Why approach. They are: Tendency for investigators to stop at symptoms rather than going onto lower level causes Inability to go beyond the investigator's current knowledge - cannot [...]

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Lab Process Improvements in Food Service Industry

Manufacturer of Food Service Equipment Improves Laboratory Process. To improve efficiency at a major manufacturer of food service equipment, a SIPOC model was used to define a complex laboratory process. At the company, recent management changes necessitated the need for change within the organization, which included a strategic goal of doubling sales [...]

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WCQI 2017

At the beginning of May of 2017, ASQ had the WCQI in Charlotte, NC (never been to Charlotte before, thought it was a beautiful city).   The conference has several keynote speakers addressing a wide range of topics. It also has over 100 presentations on these key focus areas: Focus on the Customer Quality [...]

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